8 Beautiful ranunculus wedding bouquets

I love the look of ranunculus, it’s so unique and special.  It works well with any style you are going for, romantic, classic, rustic, you name it.  Funny enough, not many people know about them or they confuse them with peonies. However, if you look at them closely, you can spot the difference quite easily, especially the center.  Ranunculi are not available all-season, they are more of winter and spring flowers.  So if you are getting married in Winter or Spring, don’t forget to look up these beautiful flowers!  Here are few bouquets that I absolutely love.

  1. Why don’t we start off with a classic?  White wedding bouquet with ranunculuses and lilies of valley.  It is just perfect for a Spring wedding!
Wedding bouquet with ranunculuses and lilies of valley

Via Brides

2. This is a romantic pink bouquet with ranunculuses.  They are accompanied by roses, carnations and lisianthus.

3. Now let’s look at another style.  See? Ranunculuses definitely work very well in an organic bouquet too. They are accompanied by roses, snapdragons, rice flowers and LOTS of eucalyptus.

4. This is not your typical and traditional round bouquet. It is asymmetrical and it has this natural organic look. It has numerous interesting flowers, like ranunculuses, astilbes and double stocks.  It is also embellished by some eucalyptus and dusty millers.

5. You often see ranunculuses with peonies, because they are both available in Spring and they match so well with each other.  That’s probably why people confuse the ranunculus with the peonies. This glamorous bouquet actually has ranunculuses, peonies and garden roses.

6. Another flower that comes up a lot with the ranunculus is the anemone, which is another Winter / Spring flower. This bouquet has bicolor ranunculuses, accompanied by white and purple anemones, waxflowers, sweet peas and succulents.

7. This is a simple and elegant white and pink bouquet with cymbidium orchids, ranunculuses and hydrangeas.

8. This is a lively Spring bouquet.  Yellow is not a very popular color, but I find it looks absolutely joyful.  This one comes with yellow ranunculuses, scabiosas, asclepias, silver brunias and dusty millers.

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