9 Green, green and green greenery centerpieces

Weddings don’t have to be filled with flowers only, they could be filled with greenery.  They last so much longer and they could be absolutely gorgeous too.  Here are some ideas for you brides.

  1. When you get a long table, what is a better way to decorate it than having a nice long garland?


2. This green centerpiece looks so grand and it’s just filled with salals.


3. Simple small centerpieces with ferns.


4. This is a simple yet lovely candle centerpiece, it is just decorated with some lily grasses.


5. Get to love this giant greenery wreath as the centerpiece, and it is embellished with some votive candles in the center.


6. This beautiful tall green centerpiece is made with eucalyptus and salals.


7. Want to have a lantern centerpiece? You can just decorate it with some eucalyptus, it makes the centerpiece more lively.


8. Candles gives this romantic feeling at the weddings.  You don’t need to pay expensive flowers to decorate them, you could just add some greenery like eucalyptus to embellish the centerpiece.


9. You can decorate your sweet heart table with simple greenery only.


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