Top 10 simple and inexpensive wedding centerpieces

Weddings are expensive, especially when you have many guest tables.  Centerpieces will add on an enormous sum in your flower bill.  Here are 10 simple, beautiful and inexpensive options for your centerpieces. 3 simple white mini calla lilies in a…
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Bouquet with lilies, freesias and tulips

Don’t you love how the florists have put the different sizes of “lilies” in this bouquet? This is a beautiful white “lilies” bouquet with a hint of rustic.

Wedding centerpiece with baby’s breath

This is extravagant.  Yes you get it, this is a multi layer centerpiece on a long table.  The bottom layer is composed of lots of white petals. The middle layer has white flowers and greenery. The top layer has baby’s…
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Bouquet with scabiosas, astilbes and sweet peas

Wow, this is a bouquet with a lot of flowers and greenery mixed together, but it looks absolutely gorgeous!  There are flowers like scabiosas, astilbes, sweet peas, lisianthus, green trick dianthus, ferns, eucalyptus, and MORE …