Latest discoveries

Rustic bouquet with protea, succulents and scabiosa

This is a tropical bouquet with a unique rustic organic look.  There is this king protea with air plant and succulents.  They are also accompanied by baby roses, scabiosa and other fillers, attached together with a twine.

Long centerpiece with roses, baby’s breath and greenery

This is definitely one of those classic wedding arrangement.  This head table centerpiece is long though, probably around 4 feet. Look at all the baby’s breath and greenery too.  They give this organic look of a classic arrangement.

Bouquet with baby’s breath and lily grass

This bouquet is made with the most simple elements, baby’s breath and lily grass.  However, the arrangement makes it look so unique!  Look at the string of pearls wrapping around the bouquet.

Teddy bear flower arrangement

Can you believe it? This teddy bear is made with fresh flowers! The head is made with carnations, the body is composed of hydrangeas and the little feet are actually covered with baby roses.